XR Education for Universities

Harness the power of VR & AR for remote learning

Virtual and augmented reality allows you to learn without the limitations of physical space. It's a revolution in higher education.

Learn together in Virtual Classrooms

Learn in Immersive Classrooms

Like the internet and personal computers, virtual and augmented reality are transforming the way we learn, work and communicate globally.

Executive Education

Unlock the global classroom and reduce your overhead and travel costs.

Undergrad & Graduate

Extend your course catalog to include classes in the virtual classroom.

Special Programs

Virtual classrooms to connect with your students from anywhere.

XR Education is the future, now

Why it’s better to learn with XR

Huge cost savings

Physical classrooms are expensive to build and maintain.

Students can be anywhere

All you need is a VR device and internet to learn together.

No space constraints

Virtual learning spaces can have an infinite number of seats.

Experiential & interactive

Learn remotely with other students and get hands-on.

Access to best global faculty

Instructors can teach classes from anywhere in the world.

Reduce student & teacher bias

Using generic avatars levels the field and removes bias.
Start learning with XR

We're here to help every step of the way

Whether you want to run a single class or supercharge an entire department with XR, our implementation team is here to help you get up and running successfully.


Enhance learning outcomes with XR

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