Harvard MDE Metaverse Class

March 2, 2022

Axon Park Overview

Future of AR

Live Metaverse Demo

Mozilla Hubs Demo Link

Launch Hubs Room


Unreal Engine - Axon Park Demo


  • Have Unreal Engine 4.27.2 installed.
  • Have a computer capable of running Unreal Engine 4.27.2
  • (Optional but recommended) A computer mouse.

Steps to open the file:

  1. Download the ZIP file from this link
  2. Extract the ZIP to a folder on your computer.
  3. Inside the folder, double on Axon_Park_Env_Kit.uproject
    1. Unreal Engine may ask you to rebuild the project. If this happens, click yes.
    2. Unreal Engine will open the file. Please allow for a few minutes for the shaders to compile on your computer. Once the compile is complete, the project will open.


Mozilla Hubs & Spoke


  • Chrome browser installed
  • Account created with Mozilla Hubs (create account) and validate with email

Steps to Create a World:

  1. Go to the Spoke page and click “Get Started”, then create a project
  2. For a Tutorial you can visit Three Line Menu > Help > Tutorial
  3. When finished building world, click “Publish to Hubs…” (keep all boxes unchecked)
  4. When published, click “View Your Scene” then “Create a room with this scene”
  5. Make sure your mic and speakers are working, then “Join the Room”
  6. You can add objects like 3D models, videos, etc to the world by clicking the “Place” button on the bottom (beware of adding too many polygons/objects in the world, this will slow down or crash your scene)
  7. To invite others to your space, click “Invite” in the bottom left, copy the “Room Link”, then send to other users

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