Distribute your VR Learning Content

Expand your Impact

Your new revenue stream from the virtual campus

We work with the top VR learning content creators to help them reach a larger audience, drive additional revenue and increase their impact. Our mission is to leverage the power of new technologies like XR and AI to make premier interactive education accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Content Requirements

For your VR learning content to be considered for primary distribution, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Immersive VR (6 degrees-of-freedom)
  • Performant & comfortable (>72 fps, avoids motion sickness, etc)
  • High-quality learning content
  • May be Unity, Unreal Engine or WebXR
  • Inclusive & diverse avatars
  • Standalone .apk build target

Content is reviewed by XR and learning specialists at Axon Park, and may either be accepted, declined, or accepted contingent on certain criteria being met.

Standalone VR Build Targets

We believe that premier education should be accessible to the widest possible audience. For this reason, we only work with content built to run on standalone VR headsets.

Don’t already have a VR course? No Problem.

We work with higher education, governments and businesses to support the development of premier quality VR training courses which can be distributed through the virtual campus.

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