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Immersive training solutions for businesses

Virtual and augmented reality allows you to learn without the limitations of physical space. We're here to help you effectively utilize this new platform.

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Find the Right XR Training Solution

Find the Right XR Training Solution

We work with the industry's leading XR training providers to deliver a comprehensive solution that is tailored to the needs of your organization.

Health & Safety

Hazard identification, safety procedures, emergency action plans, utilization of personal protective equipment, hazard communication, first aid, custom solutions.

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HR & Culture

Sexual harassment, non-discrimination, anti-retaliation, bystander intervention, unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion, onboarding, custom solutions.

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Compliance & Ops

Industry specific compliance processes, retail and warehouse procedures, manufacturing procedure, remote assistance, data analysis, process visualization, custom solutions.

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Soft Skills

Emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, decision making, effective communication, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, de-escalation, empathy, custom solutions.

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Technical Skills

Flight simulators, oil rig technician training, surgical training, underwater turbine maintenance, or practically anything else that requires specific technical knowledge.

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Special Programs

Have a specific idea in mind? We can help you build a strategy, develop a custom solution, organize resources and deploy programs within your organization.

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XR education is the future, now

Why it’s better to learn with XR

Huge cost savings

Physical classrooms are expensive to build and maintain.

Students can be anywhere

All you need is a VR device and internet to learn together.

No space constraints

Virtual learning spaces can have an infinite number of seats.

Experiential & interactive

Learn remotely with other students and get hands-on.

Access to best global faculty

Instructors can teach classes from anywhere in the world.

Reduce student & teacher bias

Using generic avatars levels the field and removes bias.
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We're here to help every step of the journey

Whether you want to run a single training or evolve an entire department, our implementation team is here to help you get up and running successfully.


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